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New Bohemia: The Falcon
11.30.2017 - 12.30.2017 
Czech Center New York - New York


New Bohemia: The Falcon

         Nov 30, 2017 - Dec 30, 2017       

The Czech Center New York presents the exhibition The Falcon by Brooklyn based artist Zachary Delamater as a part of the New Bohemia series.

Zachary Delamater, winner of the open call for New Bohemia, opens the exhibition inspired by the sokol movement and explores the sokol founder Miroslav Tyrs' idea of gymnastics as a "spacious art." 


For The Falcon Zachary Delamater created a sculptural installation inspired by Sokol founder Miroslav Tyrš’ idea of gymnastics as a “spacious art.” In his book Gymnastic Exercises and Aesthetics (1873), Tyrš elegantly couples strength with masculine grace and beauty. “Beauty, strength, grace and usefulness do not preclude one another (the Greeks can serve as models); on the contrary usefulness and strength profit by beauty and grace.” Tyrš saw the connectionbetween physical practice and creativity itself—confident “that the Sokol idea would animate artistic creation.”

The multimedia installation is centered around a collection of customizable calisthenic exercise equipment pieces designed by the artist. Individual components of the equipment are all interchangeable and to be used by the artist within the installation throughout the course of the exhibition. The Falcon pays homage to the Sokol gym and its tradition in its use of material. Rubber platforms, ropes, mats, weightlifting equipment, and other objects for training and conditioning the body are some of the materials which the artist presents in his new sculptural installation. In addition, the exhibition includes works on paper inspired by original Sokol posters and a collage installation using a transparency projector.

Sokol was much more than mere athleticism. Sokol became a force of national pride not only for their legacy of resistance (they were at one point referred to as The Czech National Army), but for their devotion to the humanitarian ideals of democracy, freedom, equality and creative expression in the face of great adversity. To trace the history of Sokol back 150 years is to revisit a history of Czech oppression under Austro-Hungarian, German, and Communist Soviet rule. The ethos of the Sokol movement is only partly encapsulated by one of its core principles: a strong body in a sound mind. For Sokol founders Miroslav Tyrš and JindÅ™ich Fügner, the connections between physical fitness, strength, and courage were to be mastered by discipline and training.

Zachary Delamater
Zachary Delamater (b. 1990 Detroit, MI) is a visual artist and poet. He received a BFA from Parsons the New School for Design (2012) & a BA in Culture & Media Studies at Eugene Lang the New School for Liberal Arts (2013). He has exhibited in New York City, Philadelphia Center for the Book & in Black Mountain, North Carolina where he had his first solo exhibition entitled “Tar Worth A Rainbow”. The exhibition & performance “Scar Worth A Rainbow” was the culmination of his sculptural production while attending Black Mountain School. He is working on his first book of poetry & is the creative director of Calvin Krime, a brand of underwear, jewelry and objects.

New Bohemia is a part of the Thomas M. Messer Bohemian Creative Hub at the Czech Center New York, created to support emerging artists who have been inspired or influenced by Czech culture. This exhibition is presented in partnership with the NewYork Foundation for the Arts (NYFA).

Photo: 1 KAREL DOMORAZEK, “Dr Miroslav Tyrs: The Founder of the Sokol-Union” (Prague: Czecho-Slovakian Foreigner’s Office, 1920), 7.



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