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NEW CZECH FILMS  November 18-22,2009
NEW CZECH FILMS November 18-22,2009
11.18.2009 - 11.22.2009 
BAM Rose Cinemas - Brooklyn,New York



The annual series of new Czech films is celebrating its 10th anniversary along with the entire program of BAMcinématek. Co-curated by Irena Kovarova and organized by BAMcinématek and the Czech Center New York, the series is a part of the 2009 Czech Independence Day Celebrations.

New Czech Films

November 18-22, 2009


BAM Rose Cinemas, 30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn

Tickets: or (718) 777-FILM

All films in Czech with English subtitles.


Wednesday, November 18

A Well Paid Walk (2009) 85 min. North American Premiere!
6:50*, 9:40pm *Q&A with Miloš Forman

Thursday, November 19

Who's Afraid of the Wolf? (2008) 90 min. NY Premiere!
4:30, 6:50*, 9:40pm *Q&A with Maria Procházková

Friday, November 20

Citizen Havel (2009) 120 min
6:50, 9:15pm

Saturday, November 21 
René (2009) 83 min. NY Premiere!
2, 6:50*pm *Q&A with Helena Třeštíková 
Tobruk (2008) 100 min 
4:30, 9:40pm 

Sunday, November 22
The Karamazovs (2008) 110 min
2, 6:50pm
m all Good (2008) 102 min. NY Premiere!
4:30, 9:15pm


A WELL PAID WALK (DOBŘE PLACENÁ PROCHÁZKA) (2009)Directed by Miloš Forman. With Jiří Suchý, Dáša Zázvůrková, Petr Stach, Petr Píša,  Tereza Hálová. The young marriage of Vanilla and Uli is fast approaching a break-up. The inevitable is stopped in its tracks by a postman and the delivery of a telegram from a rich aunt from Liverpool announcing her arrival and £1 million inheritance for their child. The problem is, they have no child… A selection that will delight especially Czech audiences with fond memories of the legendary Semafor Theater, A WELL PAID WALK (a.k.a. A WALK WORTHWHILE) is a filmed stage production of a play penned by duo Suchý&Šlitr that celebrated much success in the ripe era of the 1960s in Czechoslovakia. Miloš Forman was then asked to direct (together with Ján Roháč) a TV film version of this comic opéra bouffe, a b&w delight of a movie. Coming a full circle, Forman teamed up with his twin sons Matěj (set designer) and Petr (stage co-director) to direct WALK for the stage of no less than the National Theater in Prague, and then filming this delightfully expanded piece to preserve it for posterity. In the age when the Met beams its opera productions in HD to cinemas worldwide, it is only fitting to see Czech stage directorial debut of the brilliant Czech American film director brought onto a US film screen. North American Premiere! Q&A with Miloš Forman.


WHO'S AFRAID OF THE WOLF (KDOPAK BY SE VLKA BÁL) (2008) Directed by Maria Procházková. With Dorotka Dědková, Jitka Čvančarová, Pavel Řezníček, Martin Hofmann. The story of relationship troubles in a young family is portrayed fully through the eyes of a five-year old girl. The child believes that the only explanation of the strange behavior of her mother is that she was abducted by aliens and replaced by one of them. The real reason is the arrival of a former lover who attempts to win the mother over by bringing her back on stage and attempting to revive her operatic career – something she had to give up to bring up her child. Procházková employs elements of animation to depict the girl's imaginative world that also includes her dreams and favorite fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood (hence the title)The film premiered under the slogan "finally a love story you can watch with the kids" at the Berlin IFF this year and follows Procházková's previous successes on the festival circuit with her animated short films and her feature debut SHARK IN THE HEAD that premiered in North America at the Toronto IFF in 2005. New York Premiere! Q&A with Mária Procházková.


CITIZEN HAVEL (OBČAN HAVEL) (2008) Directed by Pavel Koutecký and Miroslav Janek. There is no better documentary film to be screened on the twentieth anniversary of the Velvet Revolution (November 1989) than the portrait of Václav Havel documenting his life and two terms as the President of the Czech Republic. Spanning 13 years, the film brings on the screen the political and private, the funny as well as the serious parts of an uncommon and unrivalled political career of the non-conformist playwright, philosopher, dissident and altogether exceptional Czech President. Throughout the film appear Havel's friends and political rivals along with celebrities of the cultural and political world including the Rolling Stones in an hilarious scene when the President gives them a tour of the Prague Castle. Film director Pavel Koutecký had an exceptional access to the 'President's kitchen' – no other politician has allowed filmmakers so close. After the director's tragic death just before the start of the film's post-production, another exceptional filmmaker took over the project – Miroslav Janek directed the film in its final form. The documentary was quite unexpectedly a box office hit in Czech cinemas and became the historically first documentary to receive Czech Lion Award by the Czech Film Academy in a newly established category.


TOBRUK (2008) Directed by Václav Marhoul. With Jan Meduna, Petr Vaněk, Martin Nahálka and Robert Nebřenský. A humanistic story about Czech soldiers in exile who fought on the side of the Allies against Nazis and Fascists in the infamous battle of Tobruk in North Africa during WWII. A naïve young soldier joins the Czech troops. He soon finds out that there is only a very thin line between heroism and cowardice. Courage is the will power, which no man has enough to spare. When used, it is soon exhausted. Director Marhoul avoided the flashy style of many war films in favor of allowing the story of the young soldiers to be experienced by the audience through the visual depictions of the desert. For his second feature film, an homage to soldiers whose actions were not allowed to be celebrated under the Communist regime, Marhoul received a well deserved praise from critics, audience and the Czech Film Academy – receiving not only Czech Lion awards but also a national nomination for the award of the European Film Academy.    


RENÉ (2008) Directed by Helena Třeštíková. This raw authentic documentary film tells the story of René whose life was being captured on camera since he was seventeen. Třeštíková followed his hopeless journey between prison (on a number of sentences mainly for theft) and brief periods outside the prison walls in the director's preferred time-lapse method. In 2008 the film comes to an end, leaving the charismatic now 37-year-old René diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (and high IQ) still getting in trouble with the law, but also as the author of two published books. Sawing the fruits of her long and successful filmmaking career, Třeštíková finally gets the attention on international scene that she deserves – for RENÉ she received Prix Arte from the European Film Academy and also won the Media European Talent Award at Cannes this year for her next project MIRACLE which follows a now 35-years old man already from his birth. NY Premiere! Q&A with Helena Třeštíková.


THE KARAMAZOVS (KARAMAZOVI) (2008) Directed by Petr Zelenka. With Ivan Trojan, Igor Chmela, David Novotný. A Czech theater company travels to Poland to presents its dramatization of Dostoyevski's Brothers Karamazovs at an alternative festival that uses as stage the still functioning steel works. A drama of morality, human nature, conscience, guilt and punishment, reverberates between the stage and real life, in the comical relationships between the actors and the director, and the tragic story of a steel worker that develops in the background. He comes to the ensemble with a special request: to perform the play just for him and so the rehearsal becomes a performance for only one spectator. Suddenly, the biggest drama does not take place on the stage, but in the auditorium. Director and screenwriter Zelenka, one of the most original authors of current Czech cinema, ingeniously weaves the story while allowing the viewer to experience the cast in both, theatrical and film acting on one screen, to much of delight.


I'M ALL GOOD (U MNĚ DOBRÝ) (2008) Directed by Jan Hřebejk. With Miroslav Vladyka, Boleslav Polívka, Jiří Schmitzer.With a delightful caper plot, the trio Šabach (author) Jarchovský (screenwriter) and Hřebejk (director) succeeded yet again at preserving the touch of a not-so-distant past while creating an entertaining comedy. As much as in their past films (Cozy Dens, Pupendo, Up and Down) it's a great opportunity for an ensemble cast. It looks back at the 1990s, when Czechs were taking their first steps in the new and unknown territory of burgeoning capitalism in the country. Six friends, gardeners and fishermen, meet up at a picturesque pub on a river island in Prague. The tranquility of their card games is interrupted when one of them falls victim to conmen at an open-air market. Just like in the old westerns, the friends decide to take the law into their own hands. Thanks to their friendship, bravery, cunning, good luck and above all the worldly-wise and accomplished magician, Mister Class (a.k.a. Mrklas played by Polívka of DIVIDED WE FALL fame), they succeed.     New York Premiere!


Czech Center New York
321 East 73rd StreetNew YorkNY 10021
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BAM Rose Cinemas
30 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn,New York
New York

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